Lunch at That Moot Thingy XI

Setup for Lunch at That Moot Thingy on February 5th, 2011

If you attended That Moot Thingy in the Canton of Coille Stoirmiel on February 5th, you had a chance to partake in the first lunch that I put together with the help of the Shire of Rokeclif. There was a lot of great feedback from the meal, and even though the Maccheroni and Cheese did not turn out exactly as I had hoped, lunch was still very successful.

The menu consisted of:

When I was putting things together for this lunch I was very concerned we might not have enough food. Fortunately, there was plenty, enough for everyone to get their fill, and for some of us to eat just a little too much. Every shire member who helped was able to take home some of the sausage and maccheroni to enjoy later, and there are some leftovers for our next potluck populace meeting.

I want to thank Vettoria Soranzo, Kudrun de Pilgrim, Bronislava of the Shattered Seax, Robert the Unlucky, and Failend for their help and support preparing for and serving lunch. Without their help I would likely have been overwhelmed and not able to enjoy the rest of the event as I did.

Let us not forget to thank lady Anthoinette Genheimer for the wonderful feast we enjoyed at the end of the day. The Barley and Mushroom Risotto was so good I had three large helpings (as did many others), and the Baked Apples were just divine. That Moot Thingy XI may have been a small event, but it delivered big on the fun, entertainment, and food!

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